no (Future)

by Roger Daavies

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Photo by Hannah Rusonik. All other production by Roger Daavies. Do not think otherwise. Do not let Voldemort stop the rock.


released June 30, 2016



all rights reserved


Roger Daavies San Luis Obispo, California

ex-Ravenclaw sad guy with a distorted bass

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Track Name: Ok. OK?
Rolls along the ocean
And the commotion
Recall the previous night

Weather in my brain
Pulled every cell, every grain
Down to the basin
So you would feel the same

I beat you down
Maintained creasing frowns
Frustration gripped the reigns
Grievances rained on your brow

(Spoken Word)

"Lillian was walking through the market. It was like walking through an Oriental bazaar. Gold filigree from Spain, silk scarves from India, embroidered skirts from Japan, glazed potteries from Africa, engraved copper from Arabia. At the time Golconda was an important seaport, every country had deposited some of its riches there. When it was no longer visited, the Mexicans themselves had created variations upon these themes, adding inventions of their own.
Cages containing tropical birds were panoplied with striped awnings like the tents of ancient maharajahs. From them the Mexicans had inherited the art of training birds to pick out of their hands tiny folded papers containing predictions for the future."
-excerpt from Seduction of the Minotaur, by Anais Nin

The dream I was afraid of
Full encounters with you
It makes me happy to see
Young love blossoming
When my subconscious,
Sadly decaying,
Is still accepting

Every breath he takes,
Coupled with romantic thought
Soon we will be commiserating

The days of praying for sensible laying and perfect sayings are since drifted away into history where kings and beasts and brave honey bees all slave away to the beat of the heart of one queen

She still seems to sing
Her song happens to bring me
Some semblance of peace

I must persevere into the horizon of hope that has since borne me in multitudinous instances

Ok, okay I get you
Can I have you?
Are you used up?
Tired of trying?
Trapped in your dying?
Slowly singing swan songs?
Like your possibly planning on being gone?
Here is now so sew something
And reap the rewards once we can resurface
Back to the surface
Makes me kinda nervous
Track Name: Your Secrets
I yell
Raise Hell
Have sold
Still sell
Your secrets
In distress

The harm
I hold
Your hand
Is cold
Your secrets
In distress

The fence
In distress

Take your leave
And leave again
Too soon

See these wounds
They weep
Like tea I steep
Becoming stronger
Track Name: What Did You Say?
You've got my fascination
Your smile is pure elation
But I am a simpleton
With desires so innocent

My street has since grown quiet
All the bustle's died but I want riots

What scares you so much about the ones that you love?
I love you in ways I won't be able to explain
You've got a smile so sure
I'm sure that I want it, too
Big eyes that grow even wider
How do I prove this to you?

I cry for no attention
Are you seeking absolution
I think I've got detention
Dreamt I was skipping lessons

I held your hand once
What did you say?
A splintered finger wouldn't send you away
I really meant it, "I want you to stay"
But you're closer in dreams
Than in the mornings

It makes you look older
Who wants a shoulder for leaning?

My heart goes sinking
And everyone's watching

My dad would be so proud
If he could see us now
But unlike Saruman
He can't see from far away

In my mind I see a face
She's leaving me right in my place
Track Name: Oh, See
Oh, see

Thought about the times that you wanted to go home
The places that you thought were your home
You're all alone
You're sittin in your home
Noone's calling on your phone
You think that you've got a problem but you (really) don't (no)

Cause you know that it is (actually) wrong
To wear
But I see them anyways
On sunny days
Even through the haze
Of the beach of Morro Bay

So what the hey?
Why won't you wear me?

I think you just scare me

You just hate me
Why don't you love me like I love you?
You know that I do

If it fits wear that shoe
I don't even care if you do
Track Name: Will I Leave?
The wandering starlight
Hits your eyes in dead night

How to maintain
On a course that is one part lazy
Other pieces
Justified and honor-crazy

Blackness around us
Inside the pupils I barely see

Left and right
Dominate in a fist fight
Weakness leaves me
Shot from a pistol decomposing

The weight is a stampede
(Left hand to right)
Of patient police
Protecting monuments
Reversing reprimands

Remember your worst
Broken wrist
A frail fist fractured finally
By a family fostering fear
When will I leave here?

Writers in icy cabins
Melt to summers beneath their feet

Winters in icy cabins
Melt to summers beneath their feet
Track Name: Forever?
In the Summer when I thought we'd be together
In the Summer (when I thought we'd live forever) I'm a sinner without leather

Talked to you and I touched you, too
Feeling tough, looking rough tonight

In the Summer when I thought we'd be together
In the Summer I thought we might live forever
But forever's too long
And you got me all wrong
And you don't have my new phone number to call
Trying to forget her
Trying to forget
Track Name: Do You Think...?
Thinking it's about time I come over to you
Think it's about time I finally do
What I thought I could do
A long time ago
So let me know

If you think that I'm not going back to your place
If you think that I'm not coming back to kiss your face
If you think that I'm never going to try to erase
A love that I hold and a kiss that I've scored

From your lips
Softest touch
It's not too much
It's not too much

Understand, understand
Fly away
Try to say
You think that you're not
But you think that you've got something going on

Los Angeles is calling and Spring is falling around
And soon we'll be back and Summer attacks
And you find yourself sleeping in sweaty sheets
But our feet stink
Cause the water don't run
Down the drain
It just stays in one place just like our love
And we think about days
That don't ever stay in the same place
And the water it drains down the sink
So I'm keeping my face clean
Ya I'm keeping my mustache trimmed
Track Name: Doesn't it Feel Good?
Uh huh I hate my life
Wish I could smile less
And yes I do detest
Your sense of style

If I could write down
Every single thing I've found
About your personal

And then we'll both find ourselves
Both found and feather-spent
Both underneath underwear
In our own beds

And this goes
On and on and on
And it flows
Until the morning's dawn

And it holds
Our attention like a kite
Swirling and turning and tossing itself
Into our sight

See you on the phone
Leaving messages for me
Leaving sentences to read
And doesn't it feel good to be free?
Track Name: You Left Me On Hold
I sadly explain
As I walk in the rain downtown
That I gave it a thought
And I realized I didn't have a lot

But it all goes the same way
At the end of the day

You left me on hold