by Roger Daavies

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special thanks to:
Natalya Suttmiller for her vocals on hospital love song
Hannah Rusonik for the photography
my aunt for the guitar I've been borrowing
Nic Kane for his monitors
JK Rowling
Charles Dickens
and you, if you've scrolled this far


released January 26, 2017



all rights reserved


Roger Daavies San Luis Obispo, California

ex-Ravenclaw sad guy with a distorted bass

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Track Name: compeyson
down the river
the bank is steeper
the rocks are sharper
the source is farther away

past months
i won't remember
like so many ones
further away

its grains falling
its gears moving
its shadows circling
its infants standing

down the river
we move faster
she more than i
watching the distance separate us
Track Name: four-stair
i fell down four stairs
in front of your house
i know you love me
'cause you locked me out

you sit in circles
without admitting
not fully neutral
my special intrigue

my words are garbled junk
to your eyes i have slunk to find
your commands i cannot override

you're always undressing
like you could change the scene
its arrested all my decent instincts

we can speak on the 13th
if its a friday you'll only say goodbye
but i wanted to remind you of the first time

on my mind on my mind
the shit that you said
the thread through my head
Track Name: hospital love song
broken down on the banks of your bedroom
the bitter men head home, the workers remain
and think nothing breaks if its broken

if its broken then we won't make it
like a promise that i won't again
Track Name: part 2
i know i said im upset but no i didn't mean it
then you said no more abuse but now you're just intrusive

try it again wherever you start from
the feeling begins once more
follow your friends into the layers of night
unaware of tiny fires
some are hurt some are liars
we are all on-again, off-again my man
so bring down no nonsense

no sentiments of sophomoric love
which may let loose all ties to minds
that move abroad on and on
into nonexistence from whence we came
all matter was made in motion
its written in Catholic hymns
how we change but have been the same