Ya Man

by Roger Daavies

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Recorded at home with Garageband onto a glitchy 2009 MacBook Pro. All songs written, recorded and mixed by Matt Hahn. It was fun.


released September 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Roger Daavies San Luis Obispo, California

ex-Ravenclaw sad guy with a distorted bass

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Track Name: So I Thought
I stare in the mirror
A totally different person there
My dark pupils bear
All the reflections of all of my fears

How wrong I was
And how long it took
Realizing what does not work

I tried it out it wasn’t right
Now I see after 1000 nights
Of you haunting me
Completely ignoring me

Space moving
The river drowning
The current drags
Time pulls me down
I’m waiting for your cure
Cause it’s mine now

So I thought
You were wild
But all in all
You’re just a child
Track Name: I Could Not Cry
I could show you
The things you don’t do for me
You could fight it
Try and deny it, you’re crazy
I could show love
Like from up above, saintly
You could fight her
Call her a liar and we’ll see

Arms held at your side
On the day you died
Bleeding out your eyes
I could not cry

I believe you
I don’t need you to die
I can see through
The night to lead you inside
Take advantage
Perfect panic, so why
Do I need you
To see me through my life?

Not at your best
I want to be free
Do not test me
Track Name: At the End of the Day
Will you return to Washington?
You see
All that I saw was somebody new
All I could be was wrong to you
All I could say would come out the wrong way
But you’re all that I want at the end of the day

WIll you return to Washington?
Now that the storm has passed
And I’m not moving so fast
I have to reduce my speed to be with you
I’ve got to shake off what i did to you
But you see
All that I saw was somebody new
Track Name: Blind Spots
I’m no good
At cooking for one
Everybody needs it
Like air or love

Even porn stars cum
Without faking it
Tree digs in
To the Earth slowly

The seriousness
Of the necessity is holy
And it is nothing
Because it actually is
Everything at once

Blind spots
In your field of vision
Like that spot
In the ground a seed was sown in

And nothing has grown there
But an absence
Another puzzle piece lost

And acceptance
Of this absence
Allows for a new sense
Of Wonder at whether
Anything can exist here

So I ask
Who will help?
Who will be here?
And I am gripped by fear

Am I doomed
To be alone
At least right now
I must be in the moment

She’s still a part of me
And I’m still hanging around
Why do I think I can sum it all up?
Track Name: Hanging Around
Every other thought, there you are
Waiting in my mind for me
To check and see if you’re still there
Every time I do it’s still you hanging around

Those eyes that stare
Beyond compare
I see them everywhere
And I’m honestly scared
Yet so excited to find you’ve always been here

When will the sweet things I said catch up to you
When will the smiles add up

I am an antelope running down a city street
A highway in your heart
And every building collapsing in my wake
Friendships form as a function of fate

It’s hard to know I won’t relate to you again
It’s hard to feel like I may have to wait again
And all the little things really make me sad
Track Name: Hesitation
The layers of dreams
I have descended into
Do not allow me leisure anymore
So I’m staying up all night that’s for sure
(I won’t sleep a wink)

Until a new dream comes along
Like another melody in some other song
You’d rather sing
Rather than listening
To my protesting

I am dilated
My head is deflated
My heart’s coagulated
Track Name: I Still Feel
I still see those rosey cheeks in my dreams
I still worry that you really wanted to scream
At me
But that same old bed is now occupied
And i can’t go on telling myself that same lie

I still feel like you didn’t get your fill
I still feel like I’m taking those same old pills
Every night I try to dream her away
The other girl that’s been renting out my brain

I still feel like a million pieces of shit
I still feel like my gut somehow got hit
But it’s probably all those donuts I need to digest
And if you don’t want to then you’ll never be impressed

Something you shouldn’t have said
When I found out I felt kinda dead
Something I didn’t know
And now its yanking on my soul
Time to let go

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